We’re excited that our planning for the February 2022 Beet Retreat in San Juan is progressing so well. We’ve got a great set of partners and participants lined up and are looking forward to three fabulous days of discussion, problem-solving and networking in Puerto Rico.

Our focus for the Retreat will be on driving growth, for media owners and advertisers, looking at the priorities ahead for the industry as it looks to unlock the full commercial potential of advanced advertising and to move the market forward. We want to get beyond the hype and look at initiatives that can really move the dial for the entire industry.

Before the Retreat, we’ll be spending time with all of the attendees and participants to explore their views and perspectives on these growth priorities – and these insights will feed directly into our program for the Retreat.

In San Juan, the Retreat will be structured around a set of themed tracks, each focused on exploring a specific growth opportunity. The tracks will open with a scene setter and deep dive into each of them, followed by a series of facilitated discussions bringing together executives from the buy- and sell-sides of the industry to explore the priorities and practical steps that need to be taken to deliver on the promise of these opportunities.

These discussions will be a unique opportunity for senior executives to talk, candidly and openly, about what needs to happen – helping to set the agenda for the next three years. We’ll hear from many of the key executives driving and delivering change across the industry, including senior executives from the key agency groups, major networks and programming groups, pay-TV and Smart TV providers, technology and solutions providers, data and measurement companies, and industry trade bodies.

After the Retreat, we’ll be capturing these priorities and circulating an action plan for the industry to all of our attendees, including contributions from many of our partners and participants.

The San Juan Retreat will be growth-focused, practical and action-oriented – an unmissable way to kick-off the new year, contribute to the industry and identify the priorities and actions that every organization needs to be leaning into during 2022 and beyond.

Jon Watts
Editorial Director, Beet Retreat

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